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bio1Heidi Newfield’s voice and presence in country music first established her as the center stage star of Trick Pony’s emergence in 2001. The hot new trio exploded as the biggest new sight and sound attraction of the early decade.

Armed with a collaborative history of platinum selling albums, Top 20 singles, ACM and AMA Awards to her credit, her distinctive voice and high-octane energy launched forward into a much-anticipated solo career. She was soon back with the 2008 release of her debut solo album, What Am I Waiting For, which birthed her memorable, self-penned solo hit single “Johnny & June”, which went on to achieve RIAA certified gold status now having sold just under a million singles.

Today, Heidi is working on 3 new exciting projects which include her own amazing and edgy solo record, a very long awaited The Ponies record, and she is currently shooting the new Fox TV show called American Band, which will begin airing in November. Heidi says "These are extraordinary times. I am feeling more creative, and in charge of my own destiny than ever before. This new music has never sounded better, and I feel God gave me certain gifts...so, it's up to me to be strong and use those gifts for the greater good! I want to show young girls and women everywhere, that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. The sky is the limit!"

More than just a pretty face, the diminutive blonde who became famous for her explosive stage presence, trademark fashion, work ethic and dedication to fans, Newfield has always had a handle on her own purpose driven life.

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